Where do I even begin? Brooke and Josh are absolutely the best! They're so flexible and kind. My wife and I are both quiet and shy, and they were able to open us up. They took care of everything and made sure we were comfortable in every way! They were both very friendly and accomodating. Whenever we wanted something specific they knew right away what we meant and what to do. Brooke even took some candid shots that we loved instantly! She took the time and effort to learn our personalities and did a phenomenal job. They both helped out with other parts of the wedding as well, like helping us set up the day of. While Brooke took photos of the bride, Josh was taking photos of the groom and groomsmen. He was even ready for some improvised comedic boudoir shots when requested. Honestly, if we had different photographers I don't think the day would've been as special! They're the best and I'm glad they were a part of our day!


Kyle W.